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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Master Course

12 weeks 500 Hour Ashtanga Tristhana (ATYTTC) Yoga Master Course

Course schedule:

Yoga Master Course is one of the long term residential course offered by YogaHut Rishikesh for those who so ever wish to be deeply rooted and educated on the traditional Vedic yogic wisdom. This course is highly educating the practitioner for their further wish of being yoga teacher or practicing for self-development.  The course covers all the main topic of yogic path and training as:

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500 hour yoga teacher training

Educational Categories

  • Detailed Explanation and Introduction of:
  • Himalayanyogic path Tradition
  • Ashtanga Path
  • Scripture Reading / Lectures on Patanjali Yoga Sutra
  • Mantra Introduction / Mantra Initiation.
  • Training of mantraJapa / Ajapa (Chanting)
  • Warm Up - Joint Movements
  • Asana, - (Practice of Physical Postures Training in 2 different series Beginners and intermediate)
  • Pranayama, - (Practice for Balancing of vital Force  6 different breathing training for different level of yogic wisdom)
  • Pratyahara - (Practice for withdrawing the excess senses to attend the deeper self)
  • Dharna - (Practice of concentration)
  • Dhiyana - (Practice of Meditation / Mantra Meditation)
  • Shat karmas - (Yogic internal Cleansing to Detoxification of toxic substances for smoothness of energy)
  • Chakra & Nadis - (Introduction to the seven storage of cosmic vital force and channels - (Nadis).
yoga teacher training at yogahut tapovan rishikesh
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Teaching Methodology:

This is the foundation and one of the most part of a Yoga teacher training Course, How to Teach?

This is all about creating an ambiance where learning takes place without any interruption. Teaching methodology sessions at YogaHut Tapovan Rishikesh fulfills the need of its students to develop as a Yoga Teacher step by step in an organized manner by growing the sequential self-practice to eventually guide other as a proficient Yoga Teacher. Practices holds in these sessions are:

  1. Ethical strategy for a Yoga Teacher
  2. Lesson plan and Sequencing of practices
  3. Class management to the observation


Small Class Size:

Our Motive to educate one to one basis always been a great idea to keep our group size up to only 10 student in a course, it’s been loved by all of our students as they experience direct interact with the teacher and find more attention and support.

Small class size give a personal practice sense without being distract by too many fallow practitioner, its keeps the atmosphere  and energy of the class pure and holistic .  Our 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Rishikesh educates you on how to effectively and assertively accomplish this.

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Interactive Techniques, instruction, and Practice:

During our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India you will practice and become skilled at teaching asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Meditation, Mantra chanting, and other traditional yogic and meditation practices in Ashtanga Tristhana Yoga & Traditional Hatha Yoga .

Anatomy and Physiology:

We integrate classes to develop your knowledge of human anatomy for the purpose of teaching yoga. You will be taught how the muscles work together during different asana, as well as how the practice of yoga and meditation benefits the physical body. The course content will cover lessons on energy including chakras and nadis as well.

Yoga Philosophy:

Highly transforming and educating lectures by our Yoga master YogiPramod will expand your perception and give a deeper insight into the study of ancient yogic philosophy. These sessions are focused to build a strong foundation and Understanding of yogic knowledge based on ancient yogic scriptures such as veda , Gita , Upanishad, Samhita and Yogic Darsan as ; Patanjali Yoga Sutra , GharandSmhinta , Hath YogPradipika , Shiva Samhinta and also From the Kundalini Details from MhanirvanaTantra , or KundaliniTantra from Raja Yoga .


Yoga Lifestyle and morals:

Our Master YogiPramod believe that it’s more important to practice truly then learning everything on the path of yoga or to become a yoga teacher he often says that “it’s not important to learn everything but it’s definitely necessary to practice what you know” therefore our course motive is to make you deeply relate and self-depend with your yogic practice. the entire teaching of the course is with the faith of making you a living yogi whose inner and outer self is shining with the light of yogic wisdom & self-transformation. It’s always divine to teach or share knowledge with entire experience as yogi rather than just learned it from any book or session. That is why YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh is an excellent school to join when you are making choice to be a yogi for rest of your life.

Yoga and Health:

Living as yogi and urge to purify body mind soul and balancing the vital cosmic energy channel in within is the aim of the course. Our course will definitely help you even if you are in pain or disorder of physical, mental or inner self. It’s been noticed that many of our students realized the hidden disorder of them and was able to heal properly. And now well stable on the Vedic yogic wisdom.

Classes schedule:       

Monday to Friday

Morning session        (2 to 3 Hours)

Afternoon Session (2 to 3 Hours)

Saturday Self Practice for mastering the training.

Sunday Morning: Shat Karma - Yogic cleansing

Sunday Afternoon: Free to Fun N Run.


  • Classes schedule and timing can modify according to the performance abilities of students.
  • Though the name of our course and certification of our course is 3 Months 500 H Ashtanga Tristhana (ATYTTC) Yoga Master Course.But the training in YogaHut Tapovan Rishikesh do not depends on Hours basis as the yoga alliance or any modern yogic corporation manner. Our belief is to train our student as master created and trained the ancient yogic Ashram manner.
  • Our certification is of YogaHut Tapovan Rishikesh approved by Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Association.
  • We do not want any of our students to compare our teaching system to any of his / hers previous or other training or Institutes. Neither with any of the modern yogic book or corporate manner. It’s our humble request to join for real yogic training and deepen to the unmodified Vedic yogic wisdom.

Course Fee and Deposit.

 Course Fee $ 3750 USD Book your seat with only $750 USD

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* Cancellation Policy: The Booking fee ($ 750) is non-refundable once submitted but it can be transferred towards the next coming course you can join the next upcoming course within 12 months. After paying the balance course fee at your arrival to YogaHut Tapovan.