Our Teachers


Yogi Pramod (E-RYT 500)
(Founder & Course director at YogaHut Tapovan Rishikesh)
Masters in Yogic Science
25+ year of teacher training experience

YogiPramod born in Rishikesh Himalaya, his parents Late Mr. Sukhlal singh Chauhan and mother Smt. Sumitra devi Chauhan left their native village and came to Rishikesh for the search of peace in life and ended as serving in Sivananda ashram, The Vedic manner and yogic atmosphere of Sivananda Ashram gave a ultimate divine touch and opening to join the yogic path in very early childhood and later became YogiPramods fortune to sat And Serve under the holly feet’s of many swamis and yogis of Sivananda ashram to be blessed by inspiring teaching on Vedic Yogic Wisdom.
YogiPramod a disciple of Swami Rama and a follower of teachings of many Himalayan saints, his efforts have been tireless for getting into the ultimate mastery and experience on the Vedic yogic wisdom. He was appointed as a yoga master at Vision Foundation Dallas Texas USA in 1994. In 1999, he went to Lhasa-Tibet to train for crystal pyramid healing and later during his ashram training, he completed his school education. In 2010, he completed his academic master degree in yoga from Sanskrit University Haridwar. Since 1994 he is devoted to teach Vedic Yogic Wisdom and in 1996 he founded YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh. YogiPramod is one of the first teacher who started the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in 1996.


Dr. Jay Prakash Kanswal, 
(Senior Trainer)
15+ year of teacher training experience

PhD. In Yoga Philosophy, (2011)
B.P Ed. Bachelor in Physical Education
DNHE Diploma in nutrition and Health education
DNYS Diploma in yoga and nature cure

Yogi Jay born on 23 march 1979   in the state of Uttrakhand Himalaya India, originally belongs to Himalayan culture and tradition, he join the yogic path and training at very early of his life.  Though his father been a very renounced advocate of Rishikesh and Himalayan region, Yogi Jay had a different flow of energy and was always attracted towards the path of yogic wisdom, training and Sadhna, therefore his search ended with gaining a doctorate  degree   by completing his P.D. in yogic science . Since 2003 he is teaching yoga in the department of yogic science at Government Post Graduate College Rishikesh, since 2006 he is posted as Faculty Head at Yogic Department in Government Post graduate college Rishikesh and is a supportive main senior trainer at YogaHut Tapovan Rishikesh.