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About us

A Yoga School of Vedic Tradition & Sadhna


YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh is the Best Yoga school that strictly serving the traditional yogic wisdom and training of it for students as its mention in the Vedas and ancient yogic scriptures. Our effort to introduce the pure wisdom of Vedic yogic tradition and Sadhna. YogaHut-Tapovan Rishikesh do not support the modern corporation business manner and modification of yogic wisdom as we understand that this secret path of Yoga is originally designed for intellectual purification and to attend the ones pure self and to stabilized the joy and peace for life towards the ultimate liberation from Suffering and attachment which can never be achieved  By A calculative Mind Therefore Our courses are more focused on training and learning then counting the hours Like  200 or 500 hour as it’s not about investing few hours of your life but being totally devoted to the path of yogic wisdom and being a living yogi By your daily routine and behavior. Our motive to give our students touch and ability to lead the yogic wisdom as Living Tradition and to practice it without depending on yoga schools. Therefore our courses are very simple but highly of wisdom, knowledge, and training by which every student gets a chance to experience the higher transformation of the inner and outer self. And practice independently serve your Atman and Inner purification and the fragrance of divinity.

In YogaHut Tapovan Rishikesh we teach in traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Tristhana, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, our training program kept pure and unmodified to modern variation of the yogic system,  and we don’t follow the pampering manner of modern school as we do not take yoga training as a business. Therefore, the flow of teaching and practice is very smooth and internally connecting to boost your inner waves of energy and balancing Chakkras.  We only take 6 students in one course and follow the ancient yogic practice system as Brham Murtha Abhyasha means morning and evening two sessions a day with detail theory and demonstration & Practical Training.